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Professoriate Bound: Online Coaching for Black Engineering Scholars

Professoriate Bound is a gender‐identity and race‐conscious virtual coaching program that focuses on the necessity of diversifying the professoriate within the field of engineering and computer science. Through research backed measures (Robinson, McGee, Bentley, Houston & Botchway, 2016; McGee, White, Jenkins, Houston, Bentley, Smith & Robinson, 2016; Naphan‐Kingery, Ridgeway, Brockman, McKane, Botchway & McGee, 2019), two Black faculty members guide participants through an 11‐session coaching program. The faculty members are assigned to coach a group of two to three Black doctoral students from the disciplines of engineering or computer science; the program assists these students as they navigate the process of successfully completing their PhD and enter the professional world. Each coaching pair consists of one engineering faculty member and one social science faculty member.


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