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Monique S. Ross

Monique Ross earned a doctoral degree in Engineering Education from Purdue University. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Elizabethtown College, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Auburn University, eleven years of experience in the industry as a software engineer, and five years as a full-time faculty in the departments of computer science and engineering. Her interests focus on broadening participation in computer science through the exploration of: 1) race, gender, and identity; 2) discipline-based education research (with a focus on computer science courses) in order to better inform pedagogical practices that garner interest and retain women and minorities in computer-related fields. She is the PI on three National Science Foundation grants, one foundation grant, and co-PI on two large scale grants. Dr. Monique Ross is committed to the expansion of rigorous computer science education research at FIU and nationally.

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