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Monica Lynn Miles

Research Interests: STEM Higher Education, STEM Identity Development, Equity Ethic.

Miles, M. L., Buenrostro, P. M., Marshall, S. A., Adams, M., & McGee, E. O. (2019). Cultivating racial solidarity among mathematics education scholars of color to resist white supremacy. The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, 10(2).

Ridgeway, M. L., & McGee, E. O. (2018). Black mathematics educators: Researching toward racial emancipation of Black students. The Urban Review, 50(2), 301-322.

Ridgeway, M. L., and Randy K. Y. (2018), "Whose banner are we waving? Exploring STEM partnerships for marginalized urban youth." Cultural Studies of Science Education, 13(1), 59-84.

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