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Julius E. Davis

Julius Davis, Ed.D., is the University System of Maryland (USM) Wilson H. Elkins Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Director of the Center for Research and Mentoring of Black Male Students and Teachers at Bowie State University. He is also the Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Teaching Program in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development in the College of Education.

Dr. Davis has two main strands of research focused on Black students and teachers in urban and suburban schools. His research of Black students critically examines their mathematical achievement and experiences and how policies shape their mathematics education. Dr. Davis’ research of Black mathematics teachers focuses on content and pedagogical knowledge, academic and professional experiences, and policies that shape their praxis. His research of students and teachers primarily focuses on Black males. Dr. Davis’ research focused on Black teachers and students has appeared in scholarly publications and has been presented at international, national, and regional conferences. He works closely with teachers, instructional and school leaders in developing their dissertation research in urban and educational leadership doctoral programs.

Dr. Davis has teaching and leadership experiences in schools, nonprofit organizations, university mathematics, educational leadership, and teacher preparation programs. He provides professional development to PreK–12 teachers, instructional and school leaders across the United States. He engages in professional development with PreK–12 teachers and leaders focused on black males, culturally responsive leadership and pedagogy, differentiated instruction, technology integration, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Dr. Davis has secured grants to support leaders and teachers professional learning and development. He has also worked with individual schools, school districts, and state agencies to produce culturally responsive and STEM resources for educators and leaders.

Dr. Davis holds a doctorate in mathematics education from Morgan State University, a master’s degree in middle/secondary instruction with a concentration in mathematics from Edinboro University, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from Lincoln University.

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