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Devin Guillory

Devin Guillory is currently a PhD student in computer science at UC Berkeley advised by Trevor Darrell. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. His research areas of focus are Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Devin’s active research interests include problems of learning with less labels and improving Out-of-Distribution model performance.

Prior to UC Berkeley, Devin worked as a Staff Data Scientist at Etsy where he served as Technical Lead on Search Ranking and Computational Advertising teams. As a founding engineer of Blackbird Technologies, Devin joined Etsy in 2016 by way of acquistion. Having worked on a variety of machine learning problems (Computer Vision, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrevial, Computational Advertisting) in real-world settings, Devin is passionate about areas where theory and practice diverge.

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