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Tia Madkins

Research Interests: Equity-focused STEM teaching and learning, Urban elementary science education, Broadening Participation.

Madkins, T. C., Howard, N. R., & Freed, N. (2020). Engaging Equity Pedagogies in Computer Science Learning Environments. Journal of Computer Science Integration, 3(2), 1-27.

Madkins, T. C., & McKinney de Royston, M. (2019). Illuminating political clarity in culturally relevant science instruction. Science Education, 103(6), 1319-1346.

Scott, A., Martin, A., McAlear, F. & Madkins, T. (2016). Broadening Participation in Computer Science: Existing Out-of-School Initiatives and a Case Study. ACM Inroads, 7(4), 84–90.

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